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Skin Needling

Skin Needling

Fantastic for both men and women, for freshening a dull skin, reducing large pores, acne scars and fine lines.
Men with thicker skin would really benefit from a freshen up needling!
Includes thorough skin consultation with your unique skin plan and home care prescription.
For those wanting the best in skin health and ageing gracefully.

Skin Needling is not painful, nor is it scary – even if you hate needles! The name can certainly scare someone but there is nothing scary about this treatment – the results given are phenomenal!

Home care will be discussed and recommended as the most effective results will be with us working together with a skin plan.

If you google this treatment there are many scary things out there so please do not let that distract you or put you off!  Skin Needling is not about drawing blood or serious pain. In fact, it has been proven that the best results come from treatments that DO not go deep and draw blood.

This is a complete Facial Rejuvenation with a unique added facelifting perk by adding in specific areas of the scalp to firm and lift the skin from the hairline.
Once you have had this full face, neck and chest treatment nothing else will compare!

A hand held electric pen-like device with a group of fine needles is used to ​create micro wounds in the skin.
This creates micro channels for growth factor stimulation. This forces the skin into its natural ability for the ‘Wound / Healing response, with a good burst of Collagen and Elastin rushing to ‘heal’ the area treated.

Treatment provides a release of much needed growth factors, collagen stimulation, facial tightening, general rejuvenation, rehydration, regaining your natural glow, pigmentation reduction and acne/scar reduction and stretch marks.

An individualised blend of concentrated serums will be prescribed to you for your best possible results.



No downtime as such is required. You may appear pink or flushed for up to 24 hours afterwards but you can still carry on your normal schedule next day and go to work etc..

The Epi-Nouvelle mask that is applied to your face after the needling treatment restores your skins microbiome (think – probiotic for your face) and calms any redness – BONUS – you get to take the mask home with you and reapply at home for anywhere up to 3 hours afterwards. S& K recommend that you may want to go home after treatment so you can wear this mask for as long as possible afterwards to get all the good stuff!

Somewhere between day 5 – day 7 your skin may feel a little dry so it is recommended to book in for an enzyme exfoliation using skin mimicking enzymes to smooth and remove the dryness.


allow up to 25 minutes – 55, normally 99

It is recommended to have at least 3 red LED treatments in the week leading up to your Skin Needling treatment as this will energise the brain (nucleus) of your skin cells and assist them to perform with what skin needling is asking them to do. As you have committed to the Skin Needling at Skin and Ko they offer a special LED price for you.


allow up to 25 minutes – 55, normally 99

Somewhere between day 5 – day 7 your skin may feel a little dry so it is recommended to book in for an enzyme exfoliation using skin mimicking enzymes to smooth and remove the dryness. As you are a skin needling client you will receive the enzymes treatment at a special price.


Skin Needling – Full Face, Entire Front & Side Neck, Entire Décolleté, Scalp & Hands

Allow up to 75 minutes – 399
Buy 3 get 4th half price

This is the creme-de-le-creme of all skin needling treatments, from the hairline down the sides and front of the neck over to the shoulders and down the entire front of the chest to the breasts. Back of the hands are then treated and then the final areas is in the hairline near the ears to help with a natural lifting.


Skin Needling – Full Face and Neck Only 

Allow up to 60 minutes – 250
Buy 3 get 4th half price


Skin Needling – Full Face Only 

Allow up to 60 minutes – 199
Buy 3 get 4th half price

Skin Needling – Scars Only / Various Areas

Pricing Varies depending on amount of scars / size of area.
Successfully treat acne scars / scars on the face or body.
Men, women & teens.
Ranges from $97 – 250
A more accurate quote can be given during consultation or by texting / emailing clear photos.